Who are we?

We are the bridge between you and your goals.

New lifestyle vision is a strategy consulting company. From Creation to development of professional and personal project, we are addressing project holders, companies and individuals.

Our consultants are experts in fields as varied as complementary. We help you from the first day to get used to new ways of working or new lifestyle, achieve your goals by creating a synergy between your inner desires, your skills and our valuable advice.

Become your best business card.

Our approach is based on the belief that we must evolve our inner beliefs and put in place actions for lasting external change. We work with clients in Europe by offering appointments, conferences and workshops on business creation, marketing, personal development. Our mission is to empower people to live their full potential.

Portrait de Gael GOTIN Président & Fondateur


President & Foundner

Gaël started his entrepreneurial career in the direct selling industry in June 2013. This industry is known to be one of the best schools to learn to undertake and grow personally. He made a point of developing these skills in development strategy, corporate strategy and consulting. In a few months his company is developing in other cities of France.

From Paris to Lille from Lille to Bordeaux to finally arrive in London in December 2016. The language barrier put a big drag on these activities, however he took the time to adapt to his new environment with the support of his life partner. Just a few months after arriving in London, he became aware of the opportunity for recruitment and advice in the UK market. He called on his partner Melanie Frederic graduated from business school in luxury marketing to found New Lifestyle Vision Ltd.

“Become the leader you would like to follow.”

Mélanie started as an Independent Business Owner in January 2016. Thanks to the training offered to her, she acquires knowledge and develops her clientele.

She pays attention to mastering the products and services she offers to propose the best customer experience. She moved to London in October 2016 with a new opportunity in the e-commerce sector.

It is with her knowledge of the world of digital, e-commerce and customer service that she joins Gaël GOTIN to develop New Lifestyle Vision Ltd.

“Alone we go faster together we go further.”

Portrait de Mélanie FREDERIC co-fondatrice & CEO


Co-founder & CEO

"Because the limit of your beliefs determines the limit of your possibilities."
"Because one life is enough when you do the right things."
"Because people do not plan to fail, but many fail because of a lack of planning."
"Because the bridge between you and your goals is discipline."
"Because we let our light shine to allow others to do the same."
"Because time is not money, but money is time."
"Because inheritance means: Let every generation after you celebrate."
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